A library for adding water effects to Flutter apps              Jim Morrison

Wrap any widget with a WaterFXContainer, and it will appear as if it is under water when touched. You will see water ripples moving across the surface of your widget. The image below is an embedded Flutter app, using the WaterFX library. Roll over it to see the effect for yourself. This effect can be applied to any Flutter widget; image, video, button, table etc. Touches can be applied by the pointer, the finger, or by code. E.g. you can use code to simulate rain drops falling on your widget.


import 'package:water_fx/water_fx.dart';
// ...

Widget build(BuildContext context) => MaterialApp(
      home: Center(
      child: WaterFXContainer.simpleImageInstanceForPointer(
        image: _lukeImage, // _lukeImage is a dart:ui.Image.
        Roll over the image to see the ripples

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