Jim Morrison

Software engineer based in Barcelona

My skills in software engineering are based on physics, maths and computer science. They have grown through my experience of working in many diverse sectors and my desire to never stop learning.

✓   Batchelor of SciencePhysicsUniversity College London2:1 (69%)
✓   Master of ScienceComputer ScienceUniversity of BristolMerit (69%)
✓   Robust, clean, readable and testable code:  Flutter, Java, Android, Kotlin, C#, HTML, JavaScript...
✓   Medical imaging, algorithmic trading, banking, NLP, flight management, computer vision, video editing...
✓   Siemens, Sony, Amadeus, UBS, Artificial Solutions, Gestoos, T-Systems, Trality, TransPerfect...
✓   Native English, fluent Catalan, good French, intermediate Greek and Spanish, basic German.
✓   Friendly and communicative, with a logical approach based on physics and mathematics.

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Jan 2024 - Present SDK Developer        Transperfect        Barcelona
I currently work as an SDK developer, developing Transperfect's mobile translation SDKs. These SDKs can be used by apps on mobile, web and desktop to ease the process of localisation. I currently work on the Unity SDK, which allows Unity games to easily display UI text and messages in multiple languages.
Technology used - C#, Unity, Visual Studio, Git.
Oct 2021 - Aug 2023 Senior Flutter Developer        Trality        Vienna (remote from Barcelona)
I worked as a senior Flutter developer, making Trality's algorithmic crypto trading app. The app allows users to monitor and control their trading bots. I developed this app from scratch, and worked closely with business analysts, designers and testers to make sure it was secure and easy to use.
Technology used - Flutter, VS Code, Git.
Sep 2020 - Oct 2021 Senior Android Developer        Ludium Lab        Barcelona
I worked as an Android developer on Ludium Lab's app for streaming and playing high-end games. This involved the development of highly efficient code in order to allow a seamless game playing experience.
Technology used - Java, Kotlin, Android Studio, Git.
Aug 2018 - Jun 2020 Senior Android Developer        Fleksy        Barcelona
I worked as an Android developer on Fleksy's custom mobile keyboard. I worked on adding new features to the application as well as the modernisation of the codebase.
Technology used - Java, Kotlin, Android Studio, Git.
Oct 2017 - May 2018 Java Developer        T-Systems        Barcelona
I worked as a senior Java developer on a program that allows users to manage the flow of parts between a large warehouse and external dealers.
Technology used - Java, Swing, IntelliJ IDEA, SVN.
Sep 2015 - Sep 2017 Android Engineer        Gestoos        Barcelona
I worked for a company who produce an SDK to allow users to interact with programs via Air Gestures. My main task was to adapt the SDK for use with Windows and Android.
Technology used - Java, Android, JavaFX, Eclipse, Android Studio, GWT, Git.
Feb 2011 - Aug 2015 Java Developer        Artificial Solutions        Barcelona
I worked for a company which specialises in making virtual assistants for web pages and mobile devices. I worked on a Java application to analyse the content and themes of the conversations between humans and virtual assistants. The program can highlight areas where the assistants may be lacking in knowledge or vocabulary. The program used a client server architecture for which I made the client. I was constantly in contact with the server team in order to help define new functionality and protocols. This was an English and Catalan speaking role.
Technology used - Java, Swing, Eclipse, SVN, HTTP.
Aug 2009 - Aug 2010 Java Developer        Misys Ltd        Paris        (Contract)
I completed a year contract working on a banking application in Paris. The application was written entirely written in Java Swing. My responsibilities included writing Java code and producing and reviewing requirements specifications. This was a French speaking role.
Technology used - Java, Swing, Eclipse, SVN.
Sep 2008 - Apr 2009 Java Developer        UBS Bank        Zurich        (Contract)
I worked as part of a team working on a Foreign Exchange banking application. The application was written entirely written in Java and facilitated the logging of trades carried out on a trading floor. It was an extremely complex, real-time program which required the use of my extensive knowledge of Java threading and design patterns.
Technology used - Java, Swing, Eclipse, Clearcase.
Mar 2008 - Jul 2008 Java Developer        Amadeus        London        (Contract)
I worked on a complex Java application which manages the loading and balancing of various types of passenger aircraft. The program used a plug-in architecture to allow the addition of custom graphical displays of various aircraft loading bays. These graphical displays involved extensive use of custom Swing components as well as Java2D to render interactive diagrams of the aircraft.
Technology used - Java, Swing, Eclipse, CVS.
Mar 2006 - Feb 2008 Senior Java Engineer        Sony        Basingstoke        (Contract)
I spent twenty months working on two projects for Sony. The first of these was developing a suite of video editing applications. My second project was an application to manage the flow and organisation of video clips taken at sports events. The UI for this application had to be dynamically updated as the data came in from external sources. This contract was initially for three months and had three six-month extensions.
Technology used - Java, Swing, Eclipse, XML, TestTrack Pro.
May 2003 - Mar 2006 Java Developer        Siemens Molecular Imaging        Oxford
Developing advanced medical imaging software which aids in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as cancer, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. The majority of my work was designing and developing complex graphical user interfaces using Java Swing. My other work included developing a medical image server and working as part of a team on the development of a new plug-in architecture. The nature of the business meant that the applications were highly regulated by external bodies and this ensured that the highest standards of software research, design and testing were observed.
Technology used - Java, Swing, Eclipse, XML, CVS, JIRA, Ant.
Jun 2001 - Dec 2002 Java Developer        Barco Ltd        Reading
I worked as a client-side Java Developer on network enabling software for a high spec projector. I worked as part of a team on the design of the graphical user interface and was solely responsible for its implementation including its communication with the projector.
Technology used - Java, Swing, XML, UML, I18N, HTML.
Jan 2001 - May 2001 Java Developer        ClearStream Financial Services        London
I worked as part of a team on a project to implement a banking package to facilitate the transfer of cash and securities.
Technology used - Java, Swing, Code Warrior, JDBC/SQL.


1999 - 2000 Master of Science - Computer Science        University of Bristol        Merit (69%)
Java, C and SQL Programming, Software Engineering, Databases, Multimedia.
Dissertation - Visualising Hydrogen energy levels using Java3D.
1995 - 1998 Batchelor of Science - Physics with Space Science        University College London        2:1 (69%)
Mathematics, Quantum Mechanics, Particle Physics, Statistical Thermodynamics.
Dissertation - Analysis of solar cell efficiency within the atmospheres of other planets.


I enjoy programming very much, including in my spare time. I have written various mobile apps, including a 3D Rubik's Cube emulator. I also made a program for people to take notes when they are learning a language, and a program to make photo mosaics. My profile page gives more information about these and other programs I have written.
I also enjoy jogging, swimming, camping, travelling and learning foreign languages.

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